DCG Design and Darryl Cowie have been designing and installing major public works of art, memorials, lighting and specialised architectural features for over 25 years. 

From practical pragmatism in construction through to serviceable practicality, DCG can be consulted for their wealth of advice.

DCG Design is a multifaceted company that can provide:

1)   The concept design, design and manufacture of all elements of the commission

2)   Practical realisation of a concept design from another artist

The manufacture of all commissions are intrinsically different and the experience of DCG Design enables the  delivery of  commissions that require high levels of expectations and standards.

The inherent problems associated with on site installations has been  overcome with resourceful design and construction methodology  built upon by years of exhaustive practical experience

The feature bronze elements of the Le Hamel Memorial in France and the bronze fountain of wealth at Suntec City in Singapore were cast , assembled, welded and patinated in Melbourne Australia. The templates and jigs to instal the bronze work were designed, co-ordinated and shipped through to Singapore and France from Melbourne to help facilitate homogenous interaction of all components.

The James Turrell Skyspace at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra and the current retrospective exhibition at the NGA is another example of large-scale works that were made in component form and shipped to Canberra for assembly and construction.

All aspects of the manufacturing process are taken into account including concept design and refinement, CAD CAM design, documentation, engineering certification, shop drawings, installation and all insurances. Our leading edge manufacturing technology utilises 3-Dimensional Computer software that ensures a rapid transfer of ideas through to manufacture, thereby reducing lead times.

The nature and expertise of DCG Design has seen the company becoming more involved in the assessment and procurement of potential works of art.

 DCG Design has produced commissions that are diverse and complex that may include but not limited to the following list of materials

  • Bronze - Cast (lost wax or sand)
  • Mild Steel - Austen WR 450 /350 Cold formed welded & rolled
  • Stainless Steel – Machining, Pressed, formed welded
  •  Aluminium - Spun welded formed
  • Concrete - Off form, precast and Shotcrete  
  • Copper – Cold formed, cladding spinning
  • Glass - Cast, blown, cold formed
  • Fibreglass - Cast, formed, moulded
  • Wood – Machined, carved and metal clad